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CK Industries products and services include:

• We construct & maintain CONICA athletics track running surfaces, both indoor and outdoor
• We import & manufacture track & field equipment for athletics
• We import hockey goals, soccer goals & soccer shelters.

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CK Sport Industries was established in 1993 as a Sole Proprietary – P.C. van Tonder t/a C.K. Industries. Starting as a sport equipment manufacturer, the company has gone through many different phases. From manufacture to retail, owner and founder Phillip van Tonder then turned his attention to Athletic Track facilities; having gained experience and part of the installation team in 1995 for the Olympic Stadium in Atlanta in 1996. Once in the industry, it wasn’t long before the flaws of pre-fabricated systems were obvious, cast in-situ systems being noticeably superior. With this knowledge Phillip contacted the biggest name in cast in-situ sport flooring, CONICA AG. We’re proud that we achieved Sole Agency from CONICA AG for surface installation approved in South Africa & Africa for the past 11 years.  This came about when the very FIRST facility in South Africa, Coetzenburg Athletics Stadium achieved Class 2 IAAF status in 2005.

IAAF System Certification

IAAF or International Association of Athletics Federations is the governing body for Athletics globally. Running surface products are subjected to tests at IAAF accredited testing laboratories for certification where these products must meet certain standards to ensure the safety of the Athletes. From vertical deformation to shock absorption, many products do not comply. Presently, CONICA AG has 3 x IAAF Certified track systems.

IAAF Track certification

Once a Certified athletic track system has been chosen it is then eligible for Certification as an individual track or venue. Why is this important?

The IAAF take records very seriously, weather they are World Records or National Records, all records must be accounted for. This strict regulation is necessary to keep Athletics the proud Sport it is. Non IAAF certified Athletics Tracks may not have official records. Most federations such as ASA (Athletics South Africa) and CAA (Confederation African Athletics) requires certification status prior to any event.

This is where CK SPORT INDUSTRIES comes in.

The difference between a track passing Certification or failing Certification is measured in millimetres. Once the Athletic track has been installed, various tests are performed on site by an independent and accredited IAAF representative; relating to the Clients requirements for the level of Certification and Construction Category. Strict gradients / slopes and measured tolerances, will be surveyed and tested.


World Class Facilities that will be recognised Worldwide

We are the FIRST and ONLY Company to have ever built IAAF Class ONE certified tracks in South Africa. Only a handful tracks are built each year globally, these are tracks that can host International events. Three of our tracks were requested to be Class 1 facilities and have passed with Class 1 IAAF status.

Class 2 Certification

With 11 x Class 2 certificates and zero test failures, rest assured CK SPORT will provide a successful project whether it is a Municipality, University, School or Private facility.

Our Work

Once contacted and appointed, we could provide detailed design drawings, bill of quantities for construction; alternative; only budget estimates for Clients / Consultants to ensure peace of mind. Every facility is unique and we cater for every Client’s requirements. Advice is free; do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.



A seamless Triple-layer, top-performance PUR system using premium CONIPUR EPDM Granules in all layers (two base layers in red, top layer colour can be customized upon colour preference requirements.). A First-class system from CONICA and in use in world-famous stadiums; Conica's best premium product with pricing comparable to Olympic pre-fabricated system
Meets all important international standards, e.g. IAAF Specification, ASTM F2157-02,
DIN V 18035-6 and EN 14877.

Fields of application: Flooring for track and field facilities in performance sport

All Polyurethanes & EPDM materials are imported from Conica's Head office in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. Our price structure is based per square metre and fluctuates with the Exchange rate, for detailed pricing; please contact us.


A seamless Triple-layer, top performance full PUR system without a foamed polyurethane interlayer, uses recycled granules and premium CONIPUR EPDM Granules. Slightly harder than the MX+ System. Comes with an equally long warranty as the MX+ but is not IAAF Certified

Great product; tried and tested formulated for longevity for the ultimate training facilities

Turn Key Projects

Although we do not do larger civil works ourselves; we are well versed in civils and will always have a Technician present on site to supervise sub-base and Asphalt levels to insure final product levels are within specifications, regardless if we are appointed as main or sub-contractor.



Seamless Triple-layer, top-performance full PUR system with a foamed polyurethane interlayer using recycled granules and premium CONIPUR EPDM Granules. Optimal performance and excellent value for money. Top quality Competition surfacing which comes with the longest warranty.

Meets all important International standards, e.g. IAAF Specification, DIN V 18035-6 and EN 14877.

Fields of application: Flooring for track and field facilities in performance sport.


Sandwich System, a double-layer, seamless. The shock-pad base layer made of recycled granules. Top layer made of polyurethane coating using premium CONIPUR EPDM Granules. Our more economical option; it does however; have a shorter warranty and requires more frequent maintenance. It meets all important international standards, e.g. IAAF Specification, DIN V 18035-6, ASTM F2157-02 and EN 14877.

Fields of application: Track and field flooring, multipurpose use.


Ø What is Polyurethane (PU)?

A synthetic resin in which the polymer units are linked by urethane groups. Also known as PU; our products are a two part PU, a very durable yet soft synthetic rubber. Highly UV resistant; mixed and applied on site.

Ø What is EPDM?

Ethylene propylene diene monomer, another synthetic rubber broadcasted and embedded into the PU, it gives the PU structure and grip for the athletes. PU on its own would be too soft. EPDM is highly UV resistant. Max temp 150°C / Min temp -50°C

Ø What is SBR?

​Styrene-butadiene rubber, yet another synthetic rubber. Our SBR is locally sourced; it’s recycled truck tyres that are granulated. Either used by means of embedding the granules into the PU (3 layer system) or cast in-situ with polyurethane binders (with purpose designed paving machines for shock pads for Sandwich systems)

Ø ​What base layer are synthetic running tracks installed on?

​For full size tracks; we recommend Asphalt; installed in a total thickness of 60mm (35mm levelling layer and a 25mm final layer) for the 3 layer seamless. Same would apply for Sandwich systems; but permeable Asphalt should be used. For smaller areas we recommend concrete; however concrete needs a 2-3 week curing time and applying one of Conica's specially formulated Concrete primers.

Ø ​Are your polyurethanes and rubbers hazardous or flammable?

No; unlike some Chinese products that contain mercury, Conica's Chemicals are highly regulated and are non-toxic.

Once installed; you're Athletic Track is flame resistant.

Ø ​Synthetic surface?? I want Tartan.

​The original trade name "Tartan" came from 3M, the "Tartan" brand name was the first and was widely successful in its time, the name Tartan has been incorrectly used as a genericized trademark for description of a Synthetic running track / all-weather running track; much like some countries using the name Hoover; referring to a vacuum cleaner.

Ø Why do some tracks have a gloss finish and some a matt Finish?

​The matt finish is the EPDM embedded in the PU, the gloss finish is Conica's unique PU sealer applied airlessly. Sealer coats has three advantages; firstly binds the top layer of granules; additional protection against UV and extends the surface lifespan and also its warranty. Please note even though EPDM is highly UV resistant as a substance; not all pigments are equal. Classic red tracks (Coral Red RAL 3016) do not require a sealer coat as the colour is resistant to fade; however other colours do require the sealer coat.

What Colour athletic tracks are available?

CK SPORT colour chart. You're EPDM colour choice will come with a matching Polyurethane. Ensuring a long lasting track, no matter how much wear.

Completed Projects

CONIPUR MX with Sealer coat



FIRST MX+ Class 1 Certificate in the World

CONIPUR MX+ with sealer coat



SECOND MX+ Class 1 Certificate in the World

CONIPUR MX+ with sealer coat



Re-surfacing of existing track


Host venue of the 2016 CAA 20th African senior championships


CONIPUR MX with sealer coat


6’450 m² 

CONIPUR MX with sealer coat

Johannesburg - Soweto Campus


Re-surfacing of existing track

Richards Bay


Re-surfacing of existing track





Thaba ‘Nchu


CONIPUR MX+ with sealer

Tlokwe (Potchefstroom)





CONIPUR MX+ with sealer








GABON, West Africa